Playmates and Interaction

August 22, 2019

As much as you love your child, nothing that you can do for him can substitute for the excitement he gets from being with other children. If he isn’t already in preschool or daycare, now is the time to find a way for him to interact regularly with children near his age.

Keep him occupied

Try a play group or other planned activity. It’s in your interest to keep your child busy and occupied. When children this age get bored, behavior problems often follow, since they’ll do anything to liven things up.

Go for shorter days
If you’re choosing between two or three full days of preschool and five half-days – either now or when your child turns three – pick the latter. For most kids, the shorter day is easier. Having the same schedule every weekday is often less hassle for the whole family, but many youngsters do cope well with the full-day schedule. Keep checking in to see how your child is doing as he makes the transition to daycare or preschool.

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